peer mentoring and support

The Peer Mentoring program is designed to provide one-on-one personal mentoring to help the individual and family affected by SCI successfully navigate the numerous transitions that include recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration back to a healthy and fulfilling life.  Peer Mentors are trained volunteers, who share personal life experiences as an individual with SCI, which is the key to the program’s success.

Studies suggest that one of the most important components of the mentoring relationship is empathetic acceptance. This can be best attained with an individual who has experienced a similar life changing event. In an attempt to provide the best peer experience, the program maximizes its effectiveness by matching together, as much as possible, individuals of similar age, gender and injury level. 

HeadNorth recently partnered with The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation to enhance and expand our Peer Mentoring Program.  Read all about it here >>

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peer mentors provide help during three main life transitional phases:

Inpatient: Immediately following an SCI, HeadNorth provides a mentor that can assist in the numerous questions that must be answered in a timely manner during very emotional and uncertain times for both the individual and their families. The HeadNorth mentor, working along side professional healthcare staff, assists with a successful recovery and rehabilitation process.

Outpatient: Following inpatient rehabilitation, individuals will experience a very dramatic transition as they move from 24 hour care to a home-based environment. During this transition and the months to follow, an individual and their family will need to adjust to the many known and unknown needs and events that will arise. The HeadNorth mentor is an essential part of ensuring a smooth transition and is a valuable resource for the concerns and questions that will arise as individuals with an SCI regains independence.

And Beyond: The goal of every individual is to return to an active and fulfilling lifestyle. Although challenging, the objective is to meet the long-term goals, which may include total independence, returning to the workforce, enjoying numerous recreational activities, having a family, etc. The HeadNorth Peer Mentor’s role is to expose and educate the mentee on the possibilities and assist in achieving personal life goals.  


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