Exciting Announcement from Eric Northbrook about the future of HeadNorth!

I am excited to announce that as of today HeadNorth is now the HeadNorth Fund at the Sharp Healthcare Foundation.  This merger will not only broaden the HeadNorth brand but more importantly bring our administrative fees essentially to $0, allowing us to help more injured people.  Our mission will remain the same, to provide help and hope to those individuals who have suffered a traumatic spinal cord injury in San Diego County.   You can direct your future philanthropic gifts to the HeadNorth Fund within the Sharp Healthcare Foundation.  These are very exciting times for HeadNorth;  you all should be very proud of the Foundation you helped build!  I will be on the board of the Sharp Healthcare Foundation to ensure our mission continues and we help as many people as we can in San Diego.


HeadNorth's affiliation with Sharp commenced with our very first, Executive Director, Randal Shober.  Thank you Randal for introducing us to Sharp and for setting up many of the processes that are still used at HeadNorth today.  Randal, was followed by our second Executive Director, Michele Bart.  Michele was instrumental in organizing our strategic plan,implementing the "Day in a Chair" Program and Roll Models.  Thank you Michele for your tireless efforts, leadership and professionalism.


Although I am the lucky founder, I would really like to thank the gentlemen who deserve the credit and recognition for the creation of HeadNorth.  Steve Rosetta, along with Bob Regnery had the vision of a 501c3 Foundation within thirty days of my accident.  Steve ultimately became the 1st  President and Bob Regnery was our long time accountant.  My very dear friend Joey Straza was also very involved and became the 2ndPresident of HeadNorth.  Thank you Joey for your leadership and commitment to HeadNorth.  Thank you also to Mike Macie who worked overtime for HeadNorth as our 3rd and final President.  Thank you guys for working together for the greater good!  Thanks also to Gregg Knudten for his leadership and organization of the 1st Annual HeadNorth Golf Tournament!  Gregg's efforts and the generosity of too many too mention helped establish the base finances to really start HeadNorth. 


Thank you to all the board members for volunteering countless hours and for molding HeadNorth into the organization it is today!  Our board members included, Steve Rosetta, Bob Regnery, Joey Straza, Mike Macie, Jack Burger, Matt Root, Gregg Knudten, Chris Pascale, Bill Lundstrom, Stacy Tyree, Chris Garrett, Claudia Obertreis, Rebecca Tuggle, Tim Himstreet, Ernie Hahn, Dr. Jerry Stenehjem, Dr. Michael Lobatz, Robert Francavilla, David Harrison, Louis Frick, Jean Freeman, Laurel Moorhead and Paul Jacobson.  Our Honorary  Board Members  included Malin Burnham, Neil Pollock and Al Kovach.  Thank you very much to Karolyn Baker and Renee White and countless other interns and volunteers for your support of HeadNorth and our mission.   Finally, I would like to recognizeand thank Karen Burges who stepped up, without hesitation, to be HeadNorth's first employee and a wonderful administrator.  Karen also introduced us to Randal Shober.  Thanks so much Karen!


Thank you all for your charitable giving since 2006!  To date we have brought awareness of people in wheel chairs to over 1,000,000 individuals, mentored over 1000 individuals and have financially helped over 500 people.  This is not the end of HeadNorth, but only the beginning.  Look for information on our 10th and final golf tournament in June of 2015 at The Crosby.  I hope you will join me and help blow it out one last time.


Thank You,


Eric Northbrook

HeadNorth Founder